How It Works
Fudies helps you to book a table for a couple or a group at a favorite restaurant in just few clicks, let’s see how!

Step One:
  • Log on to on your web browser
  • Fill up the text boxes,
  • First put the location, example Bhubaneswar
  • Second fill up the table for lunch, breakfast, bar, home delivery and moror anyother option
  • Third, click the search button

Step Two:

You will be taken to the page that contains the search results as per your requirement.

  • Select the best or your favorite hotel, restaurant, bar or café
  • Click on the view the restaurant details or book now

Step Three:

You will then have to fill up the online restaurant table booking form.

  • Fill up the number of persons or guests
  • Put the desired date
  • Give the perfect time (as per your requirement)
  • Provide your name
  • Give a verified phone number
  • Provide the email address
  • You can add any additional information (if required)
  • Click on the book now for free button